WNBA Fantasy Begins: She Plays’ Games Preview

By Preston Bradsher

WNBA Fantasy Begins: She Plays’ Games Preview

The WNBA begins its truncated 2020 season this Saturday, July 25th from a bubble-style hub in Bradenton, FL, and She Plays has six new fantasy games ready to help you welcome back basketball in style. All 12 teams will be participating in the 22-game regular season followed by a round of playoff games, as the WNBA becomes the latest league to adapt its season to the current Covid-19 pandemic. All the games will be played without fans in the stands, with coverage airing on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, CBS, and CBS Sports Network.

Though fans won’t be able to experience the action in person this year, She Plays has created a platform exclusively for women’s fantasy sports that can put you right back in the middle of the action. There are games of varying levels of difficulty so anyone can find a perfect place to start, and they’re all free to play. To get started, just create your account, invite some friends to compete with you (you’ve got to have someone to trash talk when you start moving up the leaderboards), and start making your picks. We’ll be providing tips and tricks throughout the season to help you make winning choices, so be sure to check back here regularly. Now with less than a week until tip off, here’s a quick preview of She Plays’ fantasy games for this WNBA season.

WNBA Pick Em

This game is a classic, and a perfect place for even a total fantasy beginner to jump in. Just predict the final score of each game and score points when you pick the correct winner, plus bonus points if you guess the exact score. You can make your picks until 15 minutes before tip off, and your points will accumulate over the season until we crown the ultimate Pick ‘Em champion. 

WNBA Season Standings

This one is all about the long game. After two weeks of play, you’ll have the chance to enter your prediction for how the final standings will shake out. Pay close attention to which teams look hot in those first couple of weeks so you can get ahead of the competition.

Squeaky Clean

In this brand-new fantasy game, you’ll pick the team who you think will have the least bit of foul trouble for each round of games. If your chosen team gets 0-13 team fouls you’ll score +10 points, 14-17 fouls gets you +5 points, 18-22 fouls scores you 0 points, and 23 or more fouls means -10 points. You’re looking for the model citizens here, so choose wisely.

Set Your Six

This game lets you be the manager of your own fantasy WNBA team, where you pick the players from across the league who you think will do the best this season and combine them into a super-team. Choose two guards, two forwards, one center, and one utility player that can be any position. You get to really show off your fantasy chops here by thinking about how your players will perform based on their matchups that round, taking injuries and playing time into account, and knowing when to make subs to keep your squad in the running. Your players will score you points as they make plays in their real-life games–you can find all the scoring details here. You’ll have 22 chances to update your picks throughout the season, once before every round of two games. This one is the bread and butter of any fantasy player, and with more opportunities to adjust your lineup than ever, you’ll have all the control you need to get your team to the top of the leaderboards.

Swishes, Dishes, and Boards

This is a team-centric fantasy game that lets you pick which team you think will come out on top of the stats in three categories: most 3-pointers, most assists, and most rebounds. You get to test your in-depth knowledge of the teams’ strengths and weaknesses by focusing on these specific stats, and you can learn and adapt as the season goes on with 22 opportunities to change your picks. This is a game for the fantasy player who can pay attention to details beyond the scoreboard, and it’s a great opportunity to add some extra competition to an already exciting season.

Slay the Trey

This one is a simple 3-point shootout game: you choose the three players you think will score the most 3-pointers that round, and you’ll score points for every trey they make. You also get to designate one of your chosen players as your captain, and she’ll score you double points for every three. You can change your 3-pointer squad before every round of two games, so you can keep an eye on who has got the hot hand and turn it into fantasy glory.

Bonus Game: WNBA Bingo

Keep an eye on She Plays’ social media feeds because we’ll be hosting WNBA bingo for some of the big matches–so grab a group of friends for a virtual watch party and see who can get bingo first!

Click here to sign up and start making your picks now, and be sure to check the She Plays website every week for fantasy pro tips!

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